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Port Alfred Commentaires

Port Alfred
Lovely beaches and scenery but the roads need some work
- David Sharpe

Port Alfred
Port Alfred is truly the heart of the sunshine coast. The people are friendly and the beaches beautiful. Our children spent hours belly boarding and building sandcastles. The shops and restaurant's are of the best quality and the town is clean and inviting. There is plenty of activities for all concerned. We will be going there again in the near future.
- Delanie Flanegan

Port Alfred
Great place, vibrant, lovely beach and good restaurants!
- Herman Wheeler

Port Alfred
Port Alfred is a lovely small town, we had a very relaxing stay. The town is neat and clean and everyone is very friendly. We enjoyed the trip up the river on the barge and enjoyed the breath-taking sites along the Kowie River. It the perfect getaway for a weekend away as it is not too far from East London. The restaurants we went to were great, we had excellent service and fantastic food. Port Alfred is a must for anyone who wants a weekend away with a difference.
- Vanessa Marx

Port Alfred
Port Alfred is the home of all my childhood holidays and memories. I LOVE it. Going back there every year is like food for my soul! We will certainly be looking for accommodation there every Christmas. The local beaches are like no other - and we are currently living in Cape Town. There is so much to see and do in Port Alfred with river cruises and visiting the different little towns nearby like Bathurst and Grahamstown. Thank you Port Alfred for a wonderful holiday.
- Pam Oosthuizen