Bushwhacked Barberton Map & Directions

Address: Plot 370, Brommers plaas, Barberton, Mpumalanga, 1300

Map Bushwhacked Barberton in Barberton  Lowveld  Mpumalanga  South Africa


Arrive in Barberton. Find the Pick and Pay supermarket (on General St). Turn left out of the Pick and Pay car park, going up the hill in General St. At the first traffic light turn right into De Villiers St. continue until the first 4 way stop street, turn left here, up Kruger St. continue up Kruger St until it becomes a dirt road. Follow the main dirt track down the hill, at the bottom, turn left up the hill. After about 30 meters you will see a small white Bushwhacked sign, turn right just before it, Welcome, you have arrived at Bushwhacked.