Free Accommmodation

Free Accommodation. Every 1 in 10 bookings is 100% free.

Free accommodation is an exciting new initiative from Sleeping-OUT. Guests now have the opportunity to stay for free at establishments across the country. The program is simple and gives guests a 10% chance of being refunded in full for their booking. Unlike a frequent flyer program, you do not need to collect points for free accommodation Your very first booking can be free!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which establishments offer FREE ACCOMMODATION?

These can be identified in the search results as they have a yellow background and the FA (FREE ACCOMMODATION) logo. On the establishment's Sleeping-OUT page they have the FREE ACCOMMODATION logo (FA) and the wording "1 in 10 bookings free".

When do I know if my accommodation is going to be free?

After you have completed your stay.

What must I do to be eligible for FREE ACCOMMODATION?

After each stay all guests receive an email asking them to rate the establishment. Once you have done this you are eligible for a refund. It takes a few seconds based on giving the establishment a rating between 1 and 10.

Does the rating I give affect my chances of getting a refund?

No. The selection is made by the computer.

Are there any other criteria to being eligible for a refund?

Yes. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act we will require your ID number for auditing purposes (or passport number if you are not a South African resident). The booking must not be fully or partially cancelled. Your total refund cannot exceed the total amount that you paid.

Booking values vary. Do smaller bookings have more chance of being refunded than large ones?

No. All bookings have an equal chance.

Is there a limit to the amount of the refund.

Yes. Only bookings of R100,000 or less are eligible.

Am I refunded all of my money or just the deposit?

You are refunded your total booking value as per your booking on Sleeping-OUT. If you purchased drinks, meals or any extras, these will not be refunded.

If I decide to stay for extra days, will these also be eligible for a refund?

As long as they were booked through Sleeping-OUT these days may also be refunded. You should always go through Sleeping-OUT if you want to extend your stay.

How does your system decide who gets their accommodation for free?

10% of every booking from a participating establishment increases the value of the FREE ACCOMMODATION fund. Your booking is evaluated based on the balance in the fund. If the fund is either zero or positive (by even 1 cent), your booking can be refunded.

Who does this?

It is done automatically by computer. The acceptance of your feedback form and ID triggers a query on the fund and based on its internal balance the refund is either accepted or rejected.

What happens when the fund is negative?

No bookings will be refunded until the fund has been increased to a zero or positive state by the incoming 10% payments from participating establishments.

So what are the average chances of winning?

1 in 10.

How many people per day will get their booking for free?

This is hard to say as it depends on the number of participating establishments and the number of bookings at those establishments. However, there should be winners every single day.

So do I have to make 10 bookings in order to get one free?

No, your very first booking on Sleeping-OUT can be free.

Why do participating establishments donate 10% of their bookings? What's in it for them?

This equates to a 10% discount and they do this in expectation of increased bookings. Instead of 10 guests getting a 10% discount, 1 guest in 10 gets a 100% discount.

What does Sleeping-OUT make from this?

Sleeping-OUT makes nothing from the fund. Everything paid in by establishments is paid out to guests. For Sleeping-OUT the motivation is increasing the popularity of the website. The program is audited by Swemmer MacInnes and Associates.