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!Khwa ttu San Culture

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!Khwa ttu, the San Education and Culture Centre, is 70 km north-west of Cape Town. Enjoy the unique experience of being introduced to the world of the descendants of the first indigenous people of Southern Africa.

The San people themselves will take you on a journey into their history, traditional knowledge, skills, languages, customs and current affairs. This enjoyable and eye-opening tour will stay with you for a long time.

Besides our San-guided tour, we present creative dishes in our cosy restaurant, and we sell unique San-produced items in our craft shop. We also have an efficient and organised conference room. Stay at !Khwa ttu for a few special days, in our appealing, different and memorable accommodation.


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Bush Camp

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Each tent has two single bed with bedding please bring your own utensils and towels, shared ablution facilities is available as well as shared boma areas.

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Bush house Cottage

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This cottage has two bedrooms, each with twin/double beds and a cosy kitchen and a dining room with a large open fireplace. The bathroom is semi outdoors. This accommodation provides an amazing experience. There is electricity with good facilities such as solar lighting, a geyser, a cooking stove and a refrigerator run by gas.

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Guest House Cottage

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The Guest House has two units, each with either a double room or twin room. The Guest House is fully self-catered equipped and also has en-suit bathrooms. The Guest House units can accommodate maximum 4 persons.

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NOTE: Indien u n soektog aangaan sonder om die maand van aankoms te bevestig, sal die prys op die soektog resultate die prys wees vir die goedkoopste kamer tydens die goedkoopste maand. Waar pryse "per eenheid" is sal die gemiddelde prys per persoon gebaseer word op die maksimum besetting en hierdie prys sal ook gebruik word in prys vergelykings. 'n Soektog vir huise en villas sal wel altyd gebaseer word op die volle daaglikse prys van die eenheid ongeag van die aantal mense wat in die eenheid kan slaap.

Dit word aanvaar dat kostes korrek wanneer dit gepubliseer word en mag wissel afhangende van aanvraag en beskikbaarheid. Blyplekke bestuur hul pryse aanlyn en enige verskille kan direk na die blyplek verwys word. Kwotasies is bindind sodra dit aanvaar is.

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Sleeping-OUT's Guest Satisfaction Award. Based on reviews of establishments in Yzerfontein, !Khwa ttu San Culture has been voted Best Establishment in Yzerfontein for 2015Sleeping-OUT's Guest Satisfaction Award. Based on reviews of establishments in Yzerfontein, !Khwa ttu San Culture has been voted Best Value for Money in Yzerfontein for 2017


R27,, West Coast Road, Yzerfontein, 7345

Map !Khwa ttu San Culture in Yzerfontein  West Coast (WC)  Western Cape  Suid-Afrika

Gaste Kommentaar

FA winner

Gratis Verblyf Wenner

This is just great! Can't really believe it yet! Thanks Sleeping Out!!
- Susan Keyser

This was an absolutely amazing getaway! A way to switch off from the rush of everyday life and relax in nature. The staff are super helpful and friendly and will definitely be going back!
- Nadine Strydom27 Sep 2017

We had a wonderful break away. The tented camps are secluded and peaceful. Only know that you are camping and have to bring everything. We were a little upset as we paid for 7 kids to get mattresses and bedding and when we came there, only 4 mattresses was in the tents. But, it got sorted out quickly as well as gas bottles that were amiss and that the staff installed straight away. Overall it was a great weekend, a great spot and we loved it.
We were a big group of 26 and at breakfast it overwhelmed the personnel. The breakfast was great, but the service not so great. All tables with 4 - 5 people was served with efficiency, but that got lost on serving 26 people. BUT - I would recommend it to anyone (just in small groups)!!!

- Susan Keyser20 Sep 2017

The service was really good, so was the breakfast, sundowners and mini-excursions for the children. We really enjoyed our stay, and will be back soon.
- Carmen Cupido06 Jan 2017

We really enjoyed the Bush experience. Fantastic spacious tents and tidy facilities, just not enough showers and toilets!!Great breakfast!!!
- Andre Le Roux25 Sep 2016

We stayed in the tented camp and it was wonderful. We cycled on the cycle paths. It was great with buck and zebra roaming around the beautiful lands with stunning views. We had a wonderful breakfast at a leisurely pace.
- Sue Stein24 Feb 2016

Die outjie voor by die till was flippen oulik ons het hout gekoop hy het dit kar toe gedra. Die aand toe ons gaan kamp was daar n probleem met warm water en hy het dit sommer tjop tjop uitgesorteer en gese Valentyns dag wil hy ons spesiaal bedien en dit was great, die vibe area en als was absoluut die moeite werd.
Baie dankie vir als.

- Daneo Rautenbach17 Feb 2016

The experience was wonderful and I will definitely recommend this to anyone.
The staff were very friendly and the waiter that served us at breakfast was really friendly and went out of his way to serve us. A definite for anyone who enjoy the outdoor experience. I for one will definitely be back.

- Ena Potter17 Feb 2016

A beautiful experience for my very first time out camping. However the reception area should be kept open until perhaps 7. Getting out of work at 5 and driving to the camp takes more than an hour, by the time we got to the camp the reception area had been closed and we were at a complete loss. Luckily we got a few campers and manage to find our way to the site.

Thank you for the experience.

- Burlin Russouw17 Feb 2016

The mattresses are a bit too soft and there was no hot water in the showers, otherwise it was a comfortable and safe stay.
- Judee Smith10 Sep 2015

The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable about their own culture. So interesting, will definitely be coming back to do a game drive.
- Philip Kirstein08 Jan 2015

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