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vanaf R324 PP deel

Garden Corner Guesthouse

  • Laagste prys gewaarborg

vanaf R324 PP deel




Kamer geriewe

  • LugreŽling
  • Internet toegang
  • Nie Rook
  • Sateliet televisie
  • Klein Troeteldiere
  • Televisie

Op perseel geriewe

  • Kinders
  • Swembad
  • Veilige parkeer
  • Selfsorg

Plaaslike geriewe

  • Kroeg
  • Skoonheid
  • Vietsry
  • Wildbesigting
  • Gholfbaan
  • Gymnasium
  • Staproetes
  • Inkopies/winkels
  • Toere
  • Ander




  • Bespreking betroubaarheid
  • Reaksie koers: 100%
  • Algemene Reaksie spoed: 3 ure
  • Kanselasie na betaling: 13%
  • Die blyplek bied nie kredietkaart geriewe aan nie

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Sleeping-OUT's Guest Satisfaction Award. Based on reviews of establishments in Beaufort West, Garden Corner Guesthouse has been voted Best Value for Money in Beaufort West for 2018


2 Brummer Street, Beaufort West, 6970

Map Garden Corner Guesthouse in Beaufort West  Karoo  Western Cape  Suid-Afrika

Gaste Kommentaar

We were misallocated the Ash room instead of the Rose room, however there were a few more things which did bother us:
1. cracked tiles on the floor in the kitchen- one could cut ones foot there and is not acceptable in any shape or form in a guest house.
2. layout of the two rooms- entry to bathroom for those sleeping in bunk room via the main bedroom disturbing those in the latter
3. electrical DB board at the head of the top bunk (concealed in photo by the curtain) and the bunks very tight
4. CRT TV at the other end- time to change this out with a flat screen against the far wall perhaps.
5. Kitchen layout a bit disjointed with the basin being far from the oven/microwave

On the positive side, the linen and room was clean and the electric blankets appreciated on a cold night.


Friendly and helpful. Pleasant supper and very relaxing

Thank you for the opportunity. Welcoming was very excellent and everything was explained including water when showering that, because it was using gas gyser so it is wise to open hot water tap first before cold one. I did that when showering in the morning but when the water was hot and switched on cold water, the whole water changed to cold. After struggling with that I decided I will bath on a bath but hot water was not coming out. There was no ironing facilities. Otherwise it was value for money except hot/cold water problem.


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