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Modern Durbanville SelfCatering Villas

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This Apartment has just been renovated, so is fitted with modern and luxurious finishes!
We will always ensure that there is enough complimentary Coffee / Tea / Sugar / Milk etc for you to enjoy!
There are two bedrooms, one with a Queen size bed, (brand new mattress), and the second room a bunk bed, which kids tend to LOVE!
Because of it being a Ground Floor apartment, it has it's own Private and secluded garden, which is absolutely beautiful and very well cared for. You also have complete privacy, and the area is incredibly safe & quiet.
The Apartment Block is DIRECTLY across Cobble Walk Shopping center, with a Woolies, Checkers, Clicks, Liquor shop, clothing & jewellery boutique stores, & many more. You can also enjoy a lunch or even just a world class Cappuccino at the popular Coffee Shop.
There is also a Pizza & Burger take-away spot, a Chinese Restaurant offering amazing Sushi, Fish & Chips shop, just to name a few more!
CAR WASH - Very good and extremely well priced, located in the secure Underground Parking Area of the mall, also free to park!
The Villa is also installed with a brand new Security System, including sensors, door magnets, outside beams, security cameras. etc, and linked to a 24 Hour Armed Response Unit, to ensure our guests' safety as Top Priority. This is purely for your own Peace of Mind, and to ensure you may unwind and relax completely. Whether you choose to make use of the alarm system or not is entirely up to you.

We find a lot of clients that have sold their house, and when buying a new place there is often a period of a few weeks before Occupation of the new property can be taken. When Occupational Rent is not an option, what to do? Nobody can afford to pay R50,000 to stay in a Hotel or Lodge for a month, and no Landlord will sign a 3 week contract!

Because we are so specifically aware of these situations, and receive SO MANY inquiries from clients stuck in these unfortunate scenarios, we have decided to offer large discounts for longer stays like these, so please do not hesitate to request a quote before ending up paying way too much than need be.

We will arrange that the apartment is serviced every 4 - 6 days, depending on how many guests you are, your unique needs etc. This can always be amended / negotiated, so just give us a shout so that we can arrange the necessary!
The bathroom has a shower and bath, also recently renovated.
The kitchen is larger than average for apartments of this type. The fridge is also much bigger and more modern than average.
The kitchen is equipped with a gas oven, electric stove, microwave, toaster, blender, a magnetic fixture with a selection of excellent quality and Sharp knives!
Anything / Everything you could possibly want or need is here - we assure you that. Name it - we have it, And if not, we will try and arrange it.
The open-plan living area and dining area provide a comfortable and uniquely warm and cosy feeling .
We also offer FREE & FAST Fibre with Wifi - 20 Up / 20 Down - Uncapped.

There's an outside braai and our guests LOVE to braai, and in case the weather is not playing along, the braai can easily be moved about a metre or 2, and then it is under a high cement ceiling, so you'll be protected from the rain, wind and smoke.
There is usually a large supply of wood - FREE FOR YOU!

We don't have a shuttle service as STANDARD, but do arrange when clients request, at a very reasonable Fee.


Kamer geriewe

  • Gebrekke
  • Internet toegang
  • Nie Rook
  • Kluis
  • Sateliet televisie
  • Klein Troeteldiere
  • Televisie

Op perseel geriewe

  • Airport Transfers
  • Kinderoppasser
  • Kroeg
  • Skoonheid
  • Kinders
  • Gymnasium
  • Internet fasiliteite
  • Wasgoed
  • Restaurant
  • Veilige parkeer
  • Selfsorg

Plaaslike geriewe

  • Kroeg
  • Strand
  • Skoonheid
  • Vietsry
  • Casino
  • Vermaak
  • Gholfbaan
  • Gymnasium
  • Perdry
  • Inkopies/winkels
  • Wynroete


Additional Rates Info:
ENTIRE 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT There are two bedrooms, one with a Queen size bed, (brand new mattress), and the second room a bunk bed, which kids tend to LOVE! MAX CAPACITY : 4 Adults & 2 Small Kids. Ideally 2 - 4 guests

Entire 2 Bedroom apartment

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There are two bedrooms, one with a Queen size bed, (brand new mattress), and the second room a bunk bed, which kids tend to LOVE! MAX CAPACITY : 4 Adults & 2 Small Kids. Ideally 2 - 4 guests

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Januarie 2021   R 1190        
Februarie 2021   R 1190        
Maart 2021   R 1190        
April 2021   R 1190        
Mei 2021   R 1190        
Junie 2021   R 1190        
Julie 2021   R 1190        
Augustus 2020   R 1190        
September 2020   R 1190        
Oktober 2020   R 1190        
November 2020   R 1190        
Desember 2020   R 1190        
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Tariewe Opgedateer: 15 September 2020


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37 Traviata Villas, 0A Verdi Blvd, Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville, 7550

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