Products & Services

Sleeping-OUT offers the followings products & services to help your business grow.

Free Accommodation program

Free accommodation is an exciting new initiative from Sleeping-OUT. Guests now have the opportunity to stay for free at establishments across the country. The program is simple and gives guests a 10% chance of being refunded in full for their booking. Unlike a frequent flyer program, they do not need to collect points for FREE ACCOMMODATION. Their very first booking can be free! Watch the video below to see how it works.

Translation Services

As you know, Sleeping-OUT is the only true multi-currency, multi-lingual South African Accommodation website offering guests whose home language is English, French, Dutch, German or Afrikaans, a website designed specifically for them. If you would like to attract these customers from overseas, Sleeping-OUT offers a translation service where the information on your Sleeping-OUT web pages can be translated to one of the following languages.

This is a one off cost and does not cover any future updates although these can be arranged quite easily:

GermanGerman - R750 excl vat
GermanDutch - R500 excl vat
GermanFrench - R750 excl vat
GermanAfrikaans - R400 excl vat

Click here to request the translation service.

Online Booking and Availability

Receive bookings even when you are not there, using Online Booking and Availability. Our partnerships with availability specialists such as Nightsbridge enable guests to check your availability themselves and make bookings, without the need for you to receive and respond to enquiries.

Get the bookings first

Many guests would like to book immediately, especially if it is a last-minute or business booking, or one leg of a longer trip. Having availability online means you get the booking there and then, before the competition.

Make your life easier

Are you swamped with queries and emails back and forth while guests change their minds on rooms, dates and numbers? Rather give your guests the opportunity to book online where they can check availability of rooms and select it themselves.

Keep control, but gain flexibility

You don't need to reserve or block off rooms for the system to function. You also don't need to be online all the time. You simply keep your bookings up-to-date on your computer and synchronise when you've made a change.

Some of the main features and advantages of the Online Availability service include:

Easy-to-use booking software

Easy-to-use booking software

nightsbridge is a Sleeping-OUT business partner and provides the nightsbridge booking software. Enter your room types, rates and availability with the nightsbridge software on your own computer. Synchronise with the central computer at the press of a button. Update the room availability when you take bookings personally.

Update availability in one place

Update availability in one place...

Your room availability is stored on the nightsbridge central computer. From here, it is queried by Sleeping-OUT's Online Availability service system.

Update availability in one place

...but view on many sites.

From the nightsbridge computer, the room information is available through your own website or any other website that you select that is also a nightsbridge partner.

Plus get access to these other great features (click on each link to read more)

Guests check, book and pay online

With QwikBook and the nightsbridge system, potential guests searching for accommodation online can check your room availability for the dates they require. They can then book confidently, because the information is completely up to date.

Automatic updates from online bookings

Online bookings automatically update the room availability on your central calendar. The next person checking your availability will then only see the rooms available after the last booking was made.

We notify you of online bookings

Both Sleeping-OUT and nightsbridge use SMS technology to advise you when you have received bookings. You then synchronise your computer to the nightsbridge database in order to view the online booking details on your computer.

You tell us of bookings you take

If you take a booking via phone or email, all you have to do is enter the booking in the nightsbridge calendar on your computer and then press update. The information will be instantly reflected in your online availability.

Or, you can use the nightsbridge application on your cellphone. Quick and easy. This is also convenient for checking your room availability when you are out and about.

Video Slideshow

Show off your establishment at its best. Send us between 12 and 20 high quality photos and we'll make a video slide show complete with animations, transitions and copyright free back ground music that you can load on your Sleeping-OUT page and also on your own website. There is no charge for this service. We're happy to do this for free. Please try to ensure the photos are all the same dimensions. If they are too large for email try using and specify as the destination address.