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  1. Participating establishments pay 10% of every booking they receive into the free accommodation fund.
  2. This fund is used to pay for free accommodation for guests at any participating establishment.
  3. On average, 1 in 10 guests booking at participating establishments will receive a free booking. All bookings between R1 and R100,000 are eligible and have an equal chance.

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Susan Keyser has won Free Accommodation 1 time!

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Susan Keyser won Free Accommodation worth

R13,100.00 at !Khwa ttu San Culture

22 Sep 2017

"This is just great! Can't really believe it yet! Thanks Sleeping Out!!"

!Khwa ttu San Culture is a Cottage / Chalet in Yzerfontein

!Khwa ttu San Culture
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!Khwa ttu, the San Education and Culture Centre, is 70 km north-west of Cape Town. Enjoy the unique experience of being introduced to the world of the descendants of the first indigenous people of Southern Africa. The San people themselves will take you on a journey into their history, traditional knowledge, skills, languages, customs and current affairs. This enjoyable and eye-opening tour will stay with you for a long time. On 24 September 2018 we have launch the first Heritage Centre (Museum) telling the story of the San... This is a State of the Art must visit experience. Besides our San-guided tour, we present creative dishes in our cosy restaurant, and we sell unique San-produced items in our craft shop. We also have an efficient and organised conference room. Stay at !Khwa ttu for a few special days, in our appealing, different and memorable accommodation.