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Sutherland, a tiny town in the Northern Cape of South Africa, is famous for two reasons. It is home to the largest optical telescope in the Southern Hemisphere because the view of the starry skies is best here, and it is one of the coldest locations in South Africa. At 4.5 hours drive from Cape Town, it has become a popular  holiday destination amongst Capetonians. Sutherland  now offers a number of hotels and self catering accommodation options for keeping warm on a cold Sutherland night.

Sutherland is surrounded by a wide open, semi-arid Karoo landscape. There are rarely any clouds in the sky which means there aren't many rainy days here, but nor is there a blanket to trap in the earth's heat. It is stark and beautiful, the only vegetation being of the Roggeveld family- a wild rye grass which doesn't grow very high.

Despite the cold winters and the open space, Sutherland is a great place to visit. In fact, if you are going to take a holiday, Sutherland is one of the best places to visit in winter. Picture cosy accommodation, log fires and the odd sprinkling of snow. The number of visible stars is overwhelming and a visit to the astronomical observatory is sure to teach you a few things about outer space.

The town was established when the Dutch East India Company moved into the area after the original pioneers had assessed it to be a good sheep-rearing area. They built churches and bought up the farms, subdividing them and selling them as smaller properties. In 1858, Sutherland was pronounced a town, named after the priest of the time.

Today Sutherland's main economic activities are sheep farming and tourism. Apart from star-gazing and absolute peace and quiet, Sutherland offers visitors a glimpse into geological history with many examples of exposed rocks (dating back millions of years), folded mountains and the youngest volcano south of the equator. There are also gems providing insights into human history such as the graveyard (where Boer War casualties were laid to rest) and architecture.

Sutherland is the perfect choice for a languid weekend of little activity, lots of stars and more than enough fresh air.

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Perlman House
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vanaf R500 PP

  • Laagste Prys gewaarborg

One of the oldest buildings in town and around 150 years old. The original Origan wooden floors and window frames is still visible in some of the rooms and the 140 year old thick stone walls keep the... Lees meer

Die Stal
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Die Stal

vanaf R250 PP

Aquaries Guest House is a small family house built with stone, situated in Sutherland. This self-catering house is fully equipped with everything that you would need on a weekend away. ... Lees meer

Kambro Kind B & B and Middelfontein Farm

vanaf R450 PP

Welcome to the Gateway of the Universe! Come and enjoy Karoo hospitality with Gary & Juanita Hutchings in Sutherland. You can stay in town at Kambro Kind or on our farm Middelfontein (only 1.3 km outs... Lees meer

Primrose Cottage

vanaf R400 PP

Having travelled around the world together, Denise and her husband David, amateur astronomer and retired tour manager at the SAAO observatory (currently doing private,lazer star gazing on request) now... Lees meer

Die Heks se Huis  Luna

vanaf R800* Eenheid

Die Heks se Huis : Luna is an old carriage house (1905) that was converted into a cozy cottage located in the Heart of Sutherland. The cottage has an open plan lounge / dining area with a cozy fi... Lees meer

Doringboom Guesthouse

vanaf R300 PP

Doringboom Guesthouse is a lovely little cottage sleeping 4 guests. It is situated in Sutherland on a working farm, located 48 km from Sutherland The cottage consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom,... Lees meer

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Sterboom Guest House

vanaf R300 PP

Sterboom Guest House is a self-catering house, approximately 30km outside of Sutherland. It's also one of the coldest towns in the country with frequent snow falls during winter. Sterboom Guest Hou... Lees meer

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Rogge Cloof

Rogge Cloof

vanaf R990 PP

The origins of the farm and dark sky reserve Rogge Cloof (meaning rye ravine) date back to 1756 when Joachim Scholtz, the son of German and Nordic immigrants to Africa, acquired the property. Since th... Lees meer

The Whitehouse Inn

vanaf R140 PP

The Whitehouse Inn caters for travellers who enjoy warm hospitality, hot summers and snowy winters. This historic building has been converted to offer travellers a variety of accommodation. We boast a... Lees meer


vanaf R2100* Eenheid

  • Laagste Prys gewaarborg

Alien-Inn is a self catering unit in a little cold town Sutherland, that consist of two bedrooms with a Queen bed and single bed per room. Additional sleeper couch in the lounge can be used as doub... Lees meer

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Sutherland Verblyf behaal 4.4 / 5 en is gebaseer op 74 resensies van gaste wat by Sleeping-OUT bespreek.

Loved Sutherland. Lots to do. 4 days are not enough to see and do all. Need at least a week
- Marlene Stoltz

Interesting town with lots of history. Next visit will be when it snows in Sutherland.
- Johan Jordaan

We enjoyed both the Stargazing at Sterland and at the SAAO. The afternoon tour at SAAO is also a must with a fun facility to superimpose a picture of yourself on cosmic backbrounds and have that pic emailed to you. Sutherland has a new digital planetarium too on the main road.
- George Barberton

Sutherland is rustic, and being so far away from light pollution the starry night skies are a must-see.
- Ben Turnbull

Sutherland is all about the stargazing and if you are seeking peace and quiet, its the right town for you.

- Candace Tait

Loved Sutherland and have ticked it off our bucket list - will easily recommend it to anyone that asks
- Sally Yelverton

Love the town and of course the stargazing experience up at SALT.
Want to return there and of course this time go with a 4X4 so I can visit the little towns around Surtherland.
Stargazing was great fun and want to return for that again. Our guides were knowledgeable and helpful and good to see that opportunities are created for them.

- Liana Pretorius

OMG!!, Sutherland is a quiet town with pleasant, heartwarming people. There is much to do (even though it may not look like it) The perfect getaway from the craziness of the city.
- Melda Hardenberg

Sutherland is all about the stars in the sky thus there is not a lot to do in the little town just relax.
- Francois Drury

Great place for a short visit
- Jeff Demoe

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